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Poor-Quality Data Imposes Costs and Risks on Businesses.

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The role data plays in enabling future technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things is critical—but one that will be undermined if businesses do not make data quality a priority. Data today is often compared with oil, as in its raw form, its uses are limited. It is through refinement that oil becomes useful as kerosene, gasoline and other goods, and similarly it is through the refinement process of cleansing, validation, de-duplication and ongoing auditing that data can become useful in the kinds of advanced analytics that are starting to shape our world.

Based on in-depth research and interviews with industry executives (including Paul Hulford, CEO, Attain Insight), analysts and real-world users, this paper discusses the benefits of good-quality data and the costs of poor-quality data. It also presents recommendations for evaluating technology partners along the way.

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